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Foundation Lesson 3.1

This video lesson covers the basics of drawing the candlestick momentum on a chart as drawing candlestick momentum on a chart in a correct way is the first & foremost step to start your chart analysis. All further analysis depends on the how correctly you are able to draw the momentums of candlesticks which will define the overall structure of the market – trendy or sideways.This video lesson is created using hindi language specially to help the people who do not understand english much or do not feel much comfortable with english & interested to learn price action trading in their own comfort language – HINDI. We hope that this video lesson will help all traders to understand the stepping stone of chart analysis which is understanding the momentum of a price chart or candlestick price action chart. Drawing Candlestick momentum plays key role while identifying a trend as this kind of drawing is the creator of trends like higher highs, higher lows or lower highs, lower lows or even a flat market structure. So, while analyzing a chart, if our candlestick momentum is drawn wrong, then the real price structure momentum on chart will be seen wrong & hence our further price action analysis will be in a wrong direction which will lead us towards wrong judgments on entry & exit in a trade.In this video lesson, we will be learning how to draw the price momentum on a chart so that our further analysis can move in a right track.




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