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NCC : Look for PULLBACK orderflows for trades


We’ll go through an overall order flow Structure study in First Part here.

For quite a long time, Price is marching up here with a sustained higher how & higher low momentum which shows good strength & stability from buying side. For me, the marked BLUE ARROW zone should be working as a last defense line for the bulls to hold the momentum upwards & that’s where we should be attacking with our long trades. Since, we see price has a descent amount of volatility coming in from seller side on it’s past rises higher, we can expect an upcoming corrective swing to occur as well from the ongoing current up swing. Again, watch out price action orderflows momentum while it starts attacking our desired support as that may change the entire view of remain a buyer on the same support area we talked about so far. In short, we don’t want to see selling strength or selling stability coming in when the price is reaching the support in a shape of corrective swing.


In Depth Analysis & Lessons Covered For Members

  • Understanding Different Volatility Types with Order Flows
  • What Kind of volatility we’re seeing here?
  • Can we Buy on Flip Now or wait for Defense line / Change of trend layer?
  • Targeting & Stoploss
  • The kind of corrective swing we want to occur for a possible trade on support.
  • The kind of corrective swing order flow that will invalidate the entry on our desired support.
  • How to trade the corrective swing down towards our desired support
  • Intraday & swing trade opportunities here.

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