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My opened trades in commodity(mcx)

Price is floating in a range .We'll look for direct buy entry on support area below : 05.01.2015-alumini buy entry

After  a breakout move up,When you see price attacking the flip level with a single candle as correction, ignore buying on flip support.So, i am ignoring a buy entry on the flip support below >05.01.2016-cootondailyCrudeoil has been moving in a range in hourly chart & this range is formed after a downtrend rally.Since the range is part of downtrend so we'll be selling on top of range everytime it tests the level.My last trade was in 2540 level of resistance directly with a target of 2440 level since price reaches 2440 layer everytime it got rejected from the resistance layer >05.01.2016-crudeoil60min

Below is crudeoil daily chart where you can see marked resistance where we can place a direct sell enrty order >05.01.2016-daily

Trade the range below > 05.01.2016-golddaily


Holding a sell on the flip resistance directly >05.01.2016-naturalgas

Holding a sell on the flip resistance directly >05.01.2016-nickeldaily

Missed the short entry for some points here , will buy on support>05.01.2016-silverdaily

Holding short from flip level here >05.01.2016-zinc

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