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ADANIPORT : Find Trades on it’s Breakout Momentum


This section covers the overall in general Price Action Order Flow context of the script

Price has just broken above the ongoing consolidation range we have been seeing for a long period of time. The current breakout momentum above the key layer around 376 looks pretty stable so far & till the time we see it’s stability in it’s upward order flow momentum, we wanna initiate long trades with aggression in finding long trades here. Around 392, we see the next layer of resistance coming in & hopefully we try riding the momentum till there if the order flows stay in line with current strength. As i am writing here, there is a buy entry order already placed in the script for me analyzing lower timeframe charts & since i am planning to be in this trade with a swing & short term perspective hence considering the higher time frame order flows to manage my stoploss so that price can have better breathing room for it’s swings. Lets C where we go from here.

Part 02 : Members Access Only

In Depth Study of the Views & trades in the script

  • Intraday & Swing Trade Setup & Entry Areas
  • Stoploss & Targeting
  • Volatility & Breakout Structure Discussion
  • In-depth Multi timeframe Analysis for a better entry
  • Setups similar to this kind – which doesn’t workout & why?

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